Year 7

Year Adviser – Mr David Steptoe

Assistant Adviser - Mr Timothy Fryirs


Welcome students and parents of Year 7 2018.


The transition from primary school to high school can be a challenging time in many ways. It is also a time of wonderful memories through the making of new friends, interacting with new teachers and getting involved in a wide range of new experiences. Myself as the Year Adviser, together with the Yr 7 Head Teacher, Principal, DP, Wellbeing Team, Peer Support leaders, staff and students look forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to KHS as we embark on your high school journey, always ready to assist you in any way as new experiences and challenges may arise.

We encourage you all to take every opportunity presented to you in your new school environment. KHS offers a wide range of school-based programs, which will allow you to excel in your chosen area.

Organisation is a vital aspect of high school. To help you in your organisation, you will receive a school diary at the beginning of the year. You should become familiar with your school dairy, which includes the following useful information:

  • School uniform requirements
  • Blank timetables to fill in
  • School rules and expectations
  • Study skills
  • Organisation skills
  • Maps of the school


Important dates:

  • 5th December, 2017- Orientation day. Commencing at 9am through to 12pm.
  • Information sent out to families in a package.
  • Tuesday 30 January 2018 - Day 1 of high school
  • Wednesday 31 January 2018 - Day 2 of high school 
  • Monday 12th February to Wednesday 14th February (Week 3) - Yr 7 Camp
  • 22nd February 2018
    • Big fish, little fish; student seminar during the day.
    • Parent information evening commencing at 6pm - 7.00pm.
Year 7 2018 Information

Letter for Orientation Day

Communication & Technical Information

Yr 7 Book and Equipment Pack

Talent Enrichment Program 

Bushfire Information

Locker Form 2018


All payments can be made to the office or via the parent portal.

Please feel free to contact me on 9144 3477 with any questions or concerns.

Mr David Steptoe - Yr 7 Adviser 2018

Starting high school is a time of new experiences as your child adjusts to a new school, makes new friends and gets used to having different teachers and classrooms for each subject.

These resources can help with the transition to high school

Getting involved

There are great opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities. These include competitions, exhibitions, sport, performances and special events.

National test

Year 7 students sit the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) test in May. There are five tests covering numeracy, reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar. Year 7 is the first time students use a calculator in one of the numeracy tests.

The results of the NAPLAN test can help teachers and parents meet the individual literacy and numeracy needs of students. You will receive a report of your child's achievement in the NAPLAN test.