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Last updated 2:17 PM on 15 November 2017

How wonderful it is to be back in such a stunning school. After visiting schools in Greece and Romania, and speaking with parents and students, listening to their aspirations and frustrations, I do feel at times that we take too many things for granted. Our students have incredible opportunities to learn, grow and be successful in a school with excellent teachers, resources and a beautiful learning environment. Of course, their success only comes with families working with the school and supporting the school and its goals and ethics.

Often, and I know from personal experience, there are times where our children frustrate us, particularly in their teenage years. It is these occasions where a school can offer advice and support.

Curriculum update 2018

As many of you are aware, the department of education has mandated that more hours must be included in the curriculum for literacy and numeracy. We are excited that our school is growing however the challenges of growing student numbers, meeting the department requirements and maintaining our commitment to relevant, challenging and creative learning has meant that we have had to be innovative in continuing to provide the innovation and creativity for all students across all subject areas.

With that in mind, we have tweaked the structure of our learning for 2018. Parents need not be concerned if they see that students are only choosing subjects for one TEP afternoon instead of two. Our commitment and philosophy is still the same. We are attempting to ensure that rather than some students having the opportunity to engage in classes in TEP eg coding, robotics, creative writing, design projects, sports etc, that all students can participate in this exciting learning.

I thought you might enjoy seeing these photos of the first school-room in Romania from 1600.

Romanian Classroom Picture 1 Romanian Classroom Picture 2

Do you recognise the inkwell? Abacus? Chalk boards for students? Cane?

I look forward to catching up with our students, teachers and families.

A sincere thank you to Ms Renee Andrews for her guidance and leadership in my absence.

Terri-anne kamasz