Religious Education

The aim of the voluntary SRE (Special Religious Education) program at Ku-ring-gai is to enable students to identify, explore and examine the values and beliefs, and the purpose and meaning that can constitute life. The program provides students with the opportunity to assess their own values and beliefs as well as to understand and be able to work with others who have very different perspectives. It interweaves National Curriculum outcomes as it enables students to view their lives from a holistic perspective, helping to ensure that they are looking after their wellbeing holistically as well as to think deeply about spirituality and life. This is in keeping with the Melbourne Declaration of Educational Goals for Young Australians (2008).

SRE at Ku-ring-gai primarily creates a space for students to explore and examine Christian ideas and values, while still incorporating the many religions found within Australia's multicultural society. SRE is a course endorsed by the local churches of the Ku-ring-gai Christian Education Association Inc. (KCEA) with the authorised provider being the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.

Classes are taught once a fortnight for one period. Students not attending SRE do supervised meaningful activities such as reading, private study and homework.

An overview of the topics taught can be found by clicking on the following links for each Year (Year 7-10), as well as the overall framework which the curriculum is based on and the overview for the lunch time group program for Year 7-12 which is also voluntary.

SRE Overview 2018 (pdf 190 KB)

SRE Curriculum Framework (pdf 65 KB) 

JAKā€”Inter Fellowship School (pdf 227 KB)