The implementation of future focused learning within the curriculum empowers students to become critical thinkers and effective communicators within a global context. Our qualified specialist teaching staff deliver student centred and innovative programs which equip young people with the necessary skills to succeed in our ever changing world.  Collectively and individually our students are empowered to be creative and critical thinkers with the ability to analyse, and evaluate real world situations.

Our highly professional educators design and implement Teaching and Learning Programs which not only enhance students' knowledge, but extend and enrich their ability to think, question and learn. Our units of work are innovative and their delivery is refined and adjusted in accordance to students' needs and interests. 

Embedding the latest web 2 tools within our teaching ensures students are exposed to the latest educational technology which enables them to respond and craft responses in a variety of forms and media. Our units in 7-12 offer a well-balanced selection of texts which range from the classics, including the study of Shakespeare's plays, as well as myths/legends to contemporary literature such as novels, plays, poetry, film, auteur studies, documentaries and multi-modal texts and media.

Our innovative and flexible 21st century teaching and learning programs are designed and driven by the latest research in education; doing so ensures not only quality teaching and academic enrichment but consolidates student wellbeing and engagement. 

Students at Ku-ring-gai High School are privileged to be surrounded by beautiful grounds bordering the National Park. Our extensive grounds serve as wonderful teaching environments which are conducive to creativity and learning. Our fully equipped classrooms have the latest technology which facilitates student learning and allows for student compositions, both creative and analytical, to be expressed in a variety of media and forms. Hence, it is our future focused differentiated delivery of student centred, quality teaching and learning programs that extends young people to attain a deep level of understanding of themselves and the world in which they live.

The subjects currently offered by the English/Drama faculty include:


Stage 4 Mandatory

  • Genre Study: Heroes, Myths and Legends
  • Narrative: Film Study
  • Close Study: Prose Fiction
  • Introduction to Shakespeare
  • Language Features
  • Text Types
  • Poetry


Stage 4 Mandatory

  • Genre Study: Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy
  • Australian Poetry
  • Drama: Shakespeare
  • Public Speaking: Speeches and Rhetoric
  • Institutions: The Media
  • Wide Reading


Stage 5 Mandatory

  • Area of Study: Change
  • Writing: Picture Books and Comics
  • Text and Context: Transformations
  • Representation: Advertising and Television
  • Texts and Time: Poetry through the ages
  • Close Study: Shakespeare
  • Study Skills: Preparing for the English Exam

    YEAR 10

      Stage 5 Mandatory

      • Area of Study: Prejudice
      • Poetry Anthology
      • Auteur Study: Film Directors
      • Close Study: Shakespearean Tragedy

        YEAR 11

          Stage 6 Mandatory

          English Standard

          • Area of Study: Belonging
          • Module A: Language Study - Impact of Language
          • Module B: Close Study
          • Module C: Texts and Society

          English Advanced*

          • Area of Study: Belonging
          • Module A: Comparative Study
          • Module B: Critical Study
          • Module C - Satire


          • Area of Study: Belonging
          • Module A: Cultural and personal experience - Strictly Ballroom
          • Module B: Text Types

          Extension 1*

          • Texts and Values

          * Advanced and Extension placements are by invitation. Academic performance in Stage 4 and 5 English, involvement in extra-curricular activites (debating, public speaking, writing competitions etc) are all considered during the application process.

          YEAR 12

            Stage 6 Mandatory

            English Standard

            • Area of Study: Discovery
            • Module A: Distinctly Visual - The Shoe Horn Sonata
            • Module B: Close Study of Text - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
            • Module C: Texts and Society - Into the World: Billy Elliot

            English Advanced

            • Area of Study: Discovery
            • Module A: Texts in Time - Frankenstein and Blade Runner
            • Module B: Critical Study - Hamlet
            • Module C: Representation and Text - The Fiftieth Gate

            Extension 1

            • Texts and Ways of Thinking: Romanticism

            Extension 2

            • Major Work


              • Area of Study: Discovery
              • Module A: Experience through Language, Elective 2: Australian Visions
              • Module B: Texts and Society, Elective 1: Living and working in the community