Curriculum & activities

Our Learning Program

Ku-ring-gai High School offers a stimulating and comprehensive curriculum featuring a full range of Years 7 to 10, Preliminary and Higher School Certificate courses. Our focus is on encouraging creative and critical thinking together with collaborative learning experiences in a diverse, harmonious environment.

We also offer additional talent enrichment opportunities (Years 7–10)  by providing unique opportunities in areas such as sport, dance, photography, drama, ceramics, big history and visual and digital design.

Core Curriculum

All year levels follow the curriculum set by the Board of Studies, which culminates in achieving the Record of School Achievement (ROSA) or Higher School Certificate. Each of our learning programs cater for the full range of student activities and interests, taking care to address the emerging needs of young adults from Years 7 to 12, with an emphasis on fostering mutual respect and a desire to achieve across all subjects.

Years 7–10

We offer an innovative Year 7 learning structure, featuring smaller class sizes and a comprehensive support system to facilitate students' transition from the primary years to high school.

During Years 7-10, students follow a curriculum comprising Mandatory Board of Studies requirements in all Key Learning Areas; two elective courses (in Years 9-10) and a talent enrichment program (TEP course).

Years 11–12

During Years 11–12, students follow a curriculum comprising a wide range of courses leading to the award of the Higher School Certificate, including VET and TAFE VET courses where appropriate (

We also offer extensive courses allowing capable students to work beyond the standard of the traditional HSC course in areas including: English; Mathematics; History; and Music.

Study Skills

To further assist our students achieve their potential, Ku ring gai High School has subscribed to the ELES Online Study Skills Handbook. The Handbook consists of over 25 modules designed to reinforce positive study habits. To access the Handbook, click here


You can learn more about how to optimise your performance as a student at

Username: kuringgaihs

Password: 121results

Elevate education 

To help students improve study techniques, increase motivation, build confidence, and lift exam performance, students in Years 7 - 12 will participate in seminars & workshops with Elevate Education.




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